How to Get the Perfect Wedding Confetti Photos

Wedding confetti photos featuring biodegradable paper confetti

Capturing the perfect confetti shot can be tricky; you have limited time, a rogue crowd of guests (where’s grandma going?!) and a photographer who has a couple of seconds to snap that perfect shot.

But fear not! We know a thing or two about confetti and here are eight simple tips to help set the stage for the best confetti photos EVER!

1. Choose your confetti wisely

Rolling in at number one - it's (surprise, surprise) your confetti! The type of confetti you choose will make a massive difference in photos. As most venues only allow biodegradable confetti to be thrown, the most common options are natural petals and biodegradable paper confetti.

While we love our beautiful, scented petal mixes, our preference has always been paper confetti. It’s lightweight, affordable and comes in a wide variety of colours.

At Proper Confetti we offer customised confetti mixes at no extra charge so you can match your wedding theme perfectly!

Biodegradable Wedding Confetti

2. Decide a photo location ahead of the day

It’s best to decide in advance where, when and how to take your confetti photos. For example, you might like to have confetti thrown as you exit the church or ceremony.

Wedding confetti photo featuring biodegradable paper confetti

Or, perhaps you’d prefer a more structured shoot, with guests organised around you, such as a confetti tunnel with guests on either side.

Wedding confetti photos featuring biodegradable paper confetti

Either way, be sure to factor in your venue’s requirements and confirm that they will allow confetti to be thrown. If your church or ceremony venue will not allow confetti, you can arrange to have guests greet you with confetti at your reception venue instead.

3. Talk with your Photographer

Be sure to give your photographer a heads up that you will have confetti thrown on your wedding day. This will allow your photographer to co-ordinate guests and be in a position to capture the magic as it happens.

4. Distribution makes a difference!

The more confetti, the better! But you also want to make sure it doesn't all end up in the hands of the first ten guests to ransack your confetti basket! Setting up confetti cones or placing confetti envelopes on the seats of guests is a great way to encourage all guests to throw confetti and make sure there’s lots of confetti for your awesome photos.

Wedding confetti poppers filled with delphinium petals

Biodegradable Confetti Envelopes

5. Throw high and overhead (not the face please!)

This one is more for the overzealous guests out there. A handy tip is to ask your bridesmaids, groomsmen or photographer to gently remind everyone before you get started.

6. Walk Slowly

If you’ve opted to go for a confetti tunnel, remember to walk slowly. This will allow your wedding photographer maximum time to capture several photos, giving you the best pick of the bunch.  

7. Remember to Smile

When it comes to your special confetti moment, take a deep breath, smile, and look up at the camera like a pro! 

Wedding Confetti Photo with paper confetti


Above all else, remember to have fun and soak up your special moment. That way you’ll end up with the most awesome confetti photos for life! 

For more confetti inspiration from real weddings, check out our confetti gallery featuring beautiful couples using Proper Confetti on their big day. 

Customer Photographers in order: Fire and Ice / Tora Baker / ND Studio / Rachel Takes Pictures / Anya Rebecca / Christopher Ramos 

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